Homeland: A short novel written by a young Degar

Homeland is the first known novel to be published, written by a Degar high school graduate.

The book contains stories based on real events occurring between 1960 and 1970 during the 2nd Indochina War (Vietnam War).
The story follows the transformation of the protagonist, Y-Ben, from a naïve and innocent child into a soldier fighting alongside the American troops for his peoples’ land and existence.
This novel’s compelling story, a unique blend of fact and fiction, uncovers the roots of unrest and struggle for the survival of the Degar peoples.”

About the author:
Y-Danair Benjamin Niehrah is a 17-year old high school graduate of the Charleston County School of the Arts. As a creative writing major, Y-Danair wrote Homeland for his senior thesis. He will be attending Winthrop University in the Fall.

Homeland by Y-Danair Niehrah is for sale on Amazon.com

Please consider purchasing a copy for these reasons:

  • A method of support for a Degar college student
  • The first book to be written about the Degar peoples by a young Degar adult
  • A captivating read – stories based on real events
  • First hand accounts of what happened to the Degar people


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