UN, EU And US Stand Idly And Passively By As The Vietnamese Government Murders Degar People

The Vietnamese security police murdered a Degar Christian by putting a rope around his neck, tying it to their jeep and dragging him around until he died.

On April 28, 2008 the Vietnamese security police used a Degar policeman, Y-Blen Nie, to entrap another Degar. They asked Y-Blen Nie to invite his friend, Y-Ben Hdok, to drink coffee with him at a restaurant close to the police station. When our Christian brother, Y-Ben Hdok, arrived at a restaurant, eight Vietnamese security police including Y-Blen Nie attacked him, handcuffed him and took him to a quiet and secluded place where they began to beat him. They struck him repeatedly with their police batons and also kicked, punched, and stomped on him until he fell down to the ground unconscious. They broke the bones in both his upper and lower legs and also his upper and lower arms. Then, these brutal police officers placed a rope around his neck and then tied it to their jeep and dragged him around until he died. After that, they took his corpse to the hospital and called his family, claiming that Y-Ben Hdok had killed himself.

His parents and his wife asked the chief police from Daklak province “how could a person break all the bones in his own legs, arms, ribs and then break out all of his own teeth, and crack his skull on both the front and back sides, and then scratch and burn his skin and tear up his own clothes like he had been dragged through the ground in addition to the rope burns around his neck? How can a man kill himself in this way?” The face of the Vietnamese police chief became red and he was furious because he had no answer. The marks on his body were clearly visible to his wife and parents when they cleaned his body before the burial. The family also asked the Degar police who was involved in the killing and they were told that the Vietnamese police had put a rope around Y-Ben Hdok’s neck and tied it to their jeep while he was still alive and then dragged him around until he died. The brutality and hatred of the Vietnamese government is beyond measure.

When the corpse was brought home, the security police arrived to stop the family from taking pictures or producing any evidence. They also prevented relatives and friends from entering the house and viewing the body. Even worse, they tried to stop the family and relatives from crying and mourning and they threatened the family, ordering them not to tell anyone, not even relatives in the US about Y-Ben Hdok’s death. On the day of the burial, on May 4, 2008, there were around 200 security police who escorted the family to the burial grounds where numerous other security police were also stationed to prevent foreigners from interviewing the family and to prevent villagers from conducting any peaceful demonstrations.

Y-Ben Hdok was born in 1979 in the village of Buon Dung, commune of Cu Ebur, town of Buonmethuot in the province of Daklak.

The Vietnamese security police who were involved in the killing were:

1 – Doan Van Tri, Vietnamese

2 – Bui Quang Thuan, Vietnamese

3 – Pham Duc Can, Vietnamese

4 – Pham Thi Ky, Vietnamese

5 – Y-Rina Mlo, Degar

6 – Y-To Nie, Degar

7 – Y-Blenh Nie, Degar

8 – Y-Lil, Degar

On behalf of the family and relatives of the dead, the Montagnard Foundation urges the International community, especially the UN Human Rights Council, the European Union and the United States set up a delegation to investigate this situation and to make sure that these Vietnamese police officers be brought to justice.

Two Degar children were murdered by 4 Vietnamese villagers and 4 Vietnamese security police from the village of Thon Hai Hung.

On April 15, 2008, while their parents were working on their farm, Y-Thiep Mlo (9 years old) and Y-Bui Nie (8 years old) went to fish on the bank of the Kdrol River which is beside their farm. 4 Vietnamese civilians and 4 Vietnamese security police from the Vietnamese village of Thon Hai Hung were walking along the bank of Kdrol River at this time and saw that the two Degar Children were fishing along the river bank alone. Without any reason other than sheer racism, these grown men attacked the Degar children, beat them up, drowned them and then placed large rocks on their chest to keep their corpses submerged. In the evening, when the parents of both children could not find them, they went to the nearby Vietnamese village of Thon Hai Hung and asked the Vietnamese villagers if they had seen their children. One of the Vietnamese villagers told them that “your children are dead, come with me and I will show you where they died.” The Vietnamese villager led them to the river bank. The fathers jumped into the water and found their children on the bottom of the river with large rocks placed upon their chest. The parents remembered that the 4 Vietnamese civilians and 4 Vietnamese security police had passed by their farm earlier but did not think that these people would actually murder their children.

The parents took their children’s corpses back to their village and buried them on April 18, 2008. The parents did not report the murder to the police because the Vietnamese government has a history of accusing any Degar who comes to them for help of being separatists and wanting to overthrow the Vietnamese government. Degar victims are commonly sent to prison, tortured and killed whenever they dare to report a crime committed by a Vietnamese person.

In our last press release on 29 April 2008, we listed over 100 children from 2 years old to 12 years old who were sprayed with teargas in their eyes and beaten by the Vietnamese soldiers, police and civilians. We also reported that a 90 year old Degar woman had been sprayed in the eyes with tear gas and then beaten. Today we bring to your attention the brutal murder of a Degar Christian and two 8 and 9 year old boys, who were beaten and drowned. Â Vietnam claims that these individuals are criminals, separatists, FULRO forces who want independence and militants who want to overthrow the Vietnamese government. How could any sane person believe this? Yet, most of the civilized governments in the world seem to accept what Vietnam tells them at face value. Was the two year old who was beaten and thrown down an embankment a criminal? What crime did the 90 year old woman commit? Were the two boys who were fishing separatists? Let the world decides if these Degars are victims or separatists.

Degar villagers in the Central Highlands have reported to the Montagnard Foundation, Inc that the Vietnamese security police told them that “the United States government and people are now on our side, to whom are you going to depend on now? Who will protect you? We are going to destroy you all.” This statement came directly out of the mouth of Vietnamese officials and has really made the Degar people fearful and discouraged.

And, it also really disappoints the Degar people, if this statement is true, because during the war, our people trusted and believed in the promises of the government of the United States and became very close friends with American soldiers. Many thousands of our people even died to protect Americans. But now that the Vietnamese government and people have become friends and allies to the United States, the Degar people wonder where that leaves them. The Degar people do have hope that the US government will help the two peoples to live together in peace as one people and one nation.

But, if the US government goes along with the Vietnamese government’s plan to exterminate our people, then, we can do nothing to protect ourselves. We can only pray that our Almighty God will help us to accept this fate and strengthen us to endure the agony of death.   As the Bible says in the book of 1Peter 4:12-13, “Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when His glory is revealed.”

Yes, we the Degar people are disappointed, but we are not angry or upset because we believe that these trials may be a lesson from God, who is teaching us not to put our trust in mankind, but instead to believe in Him, the Almighty God. Therefore, we have to comfort ourselves with the Words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as He said in the book of John 14:3-4 “In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.” And since death is the only way to enter the kingdom of God maybe this is the time that He wants the Degar people to return to Him so that we will not suffer the brutality of the Vietnamese government anymore.

As we all know, it is very hard for two different societies to live together in harmony. But now, the Vietnamese government has armed its civilians with homemade weapons and the authority to attack and even kill our people. Because of this grim partnership, Degar people including children and the elderly are being tortured and murdered at an ever increasing rate. If the world, especially the UN, EU and the United States, do not protect our people, our Degar race will eventually be exterminated completely by the evil the Vietnamese communists and the world will lose one of the finest races of mankind on this planet earth.


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